WHEN: 04-08-2015 TO 31-08-2015

The countdown to Ibiza has begun! And if you’re not lucky enough to be at a poolside party with a cocktail and a suntan then we’re inviting you to join our Ibiza summer DJ sessions on our stunning garden rooftop. Running from Tuesday-Friday, 7pm-11pm, and starting from 4th August, Plateau’s MAZI  resident DJ, Classic Wabaso, will be featuring Ibiza style rooftop terrace music with a London edge to unwind after work or on your holidays this summer.

Our rooftop sessions are the perfect spot for drinks before or after dinner. Get a glimpse of the most spectacular views of the City’s skyline, and relax with Classic Wabaso’s soulful Ibiza house eclectic music mix.

For more information please call 020 7395 5000 or email coqdargent@danddlondon.com.