Strawberry Marshmallow:
200g water
500g sugar
50g glucose
10 gelatine sheets
200g strawberry purée
90g egg whites

Vanilla Cream Chantilly:
1000ml UHT cream
1000ml double cream
100g icing sugar
Vanilla essence

Mint meringue:
Suisse meringue:
200g egg whites
400g icing sugar
Mint essence

Strawberry Sorbet


Strawberry marshmallow:
– bring sugar to 127 degrees C
– soak the gelatine in cold water
– beat the egg whites until stiff
– dissolve the gelatine, drain it, add the strawberry purée
– carefully add it to the sugar when it reaches 127 degrees C
– pour the syrup over the stiffened egg whites (in a small mixing bowl) and continue to beat until the mixture is cool (move to a large mixing bowl)
– pipe the mix with a medium star nozzle onto parchment paper
– once set, roll the marshmallow in pink caster sugar and neige decor.

Then enjoy!

Alternatively you can try this dessert in our Wimbledon menu available from 29th June until 12th July and enjoy it over a glass of Moet & Chandon during our Wimbledon screenings! For more information or to book please call 020 7395 5000 or email