If you’re looking to cut out calories from your diet this January giving up alcohol is the way to start. Check five of our favourite mocktail recipes below:

Dill & Cucumber Collins


3-4 dill springs
5-7 slices of cucumber
15ml Agave nectar
5ml lemon juice
Pinch of sea salt
Pinch of black pepper
Sparkling water

Muddle cucumber and dill, add agave, lemon juice and shake all together.

Double strain into highball glass. Garnish with cucumber shave, dill. Add sparkling water and finish with Sparkling water. Magic touch of salt and black pepper at the end.


2-3 slices of cucumber
130ml coconut water
10ml lime juice
1 spring of mint
10ml Agave nectar

Muddle cucumber, add all ingredients together and hard shake.

Double strain into Tiki glass. Garnish with dry pineapple, mint and coconut shaves.

100ml chamomile tea essence
15ml elder-flower cordial
1 piece of ginger
15ml of Fresh Yuzu juice

Muddle first ginger them add all ingredients and hard shake.
Garnish with chamomile flowers and Yuzu.
Serve in small Nick & Nora glass/martini
Jasmine & lychee Collins


60ml lychee juice
40ml Jasmine essence tea
10ml vanilla syrup
4-5 slices of lemongrass
100ml ginger ale
Muddle lemongrass, add all ingredients apart from ginger ale. Hard shake.

Double strain into long glass. Top up with ginger ale. Garnish with lemon grass, mint, Jasmine flower.
A bit of Rosemary


150ml beetroot juice
5ml pink grapefruit juice
1 Spring of rosemary
Top up Mediterranean tonic water

Shake all ingredients a part of tonic.
Double strain to Collins glass. Finish with tonic water.
Garnish with baby beetroot and Spring of rosemary.